PaiOra means

"Good Health"


"Good Health is Great Wealth"

Therapies available:


Myotherapy, Healing, Reflexology,


Hotstone, Cupping, Pregnancy,


Dry needling, Relaxation



Welcome to Pai Ora,  our motto is: Good Health is Great Wealth

Our greatest aim is to develop peoples views with a new perspective of living.  Good Health isn’t hard to achieve, we only need to make it happen.  Great Wealth is what we aim for every day so lets make it the right kind of wealth.

Honing the mental, emotional, physical and the spiritual aspects together gives Pai Ora purpose and clarity.


J O H N  G R A Y

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With 20+ years in the entertainment industry, I was subjected to various injuries and therapy.
I had learned some invaluable lessons about my mortality, "my body breaks”.   So for 10 years now, ironically I have aimed to fix myself and others with a career in Myotherapy. 
Working on the emotional, mental, physical and the spiritual aspects of each individual, along with my knowledge of massage, performance and cultural aspects of my life, my centered focus for Pai Ora is a balance.
It is and has been a privilege to treat and learn from every client I meet, as this has taught me to listen, not only with my ears.
Here's an intimate moment to why creating
Pai Ora was important to me.  
My mum always had aches and pains, and I was the closest candidate to treating her, building my knowledge at a young age.  
Unfortunately, when my dad passed away with cancer, life needed to change as it was no longer about quantity but, quality. 
So, I would love to acknowledge my parents for providing me with the knowledge and determination to change peoples lives.
I love you both always.



2015-16 Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy



2014 Diploma in Remedial



2011 -12 Cert IV in Massage Therapy



2010 Level 2 Reiki


2006 International Cert III in Massage

Brandon Raynors School of Natural Therapies


2005 Level 1 Reiki


2000+  Crystal healing


1997+  Teacher / Mentor

of Dance & Fitness 


1997+ Mediumship

Business hours:
Mon - Fri : 11am - 8.30pm
Sat: 10.30am - 4pm
174 Peel Street, 
North Melbourne
Contact details:
Phone: 0450 083 805
Private health cover available
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