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This style of massage uses Myofascial Dry Needling - (MDN) to reach the desired state of relaxation.  There is a comparison between accupunture and MDN having placement of needles at similiar points.  A MDN treatment is specifically aimed to relieve aches and pains whilst accupunture focuses on energy merdians throughout the body.
Dry needling involves very fine needles (as used in acupuncture) which are inserted into a tight bundle of muscle fibers known as trigger points or tight band like muscle fibres. The needle works to separate the fibers, loosening adhesions and allow the muscle to lengthen back to their rested state.
It is extremely effective at releasing tightened muscles, reducing or eliminating pain, increasing blood flow and range of movement and the re-programing of correct neuro-muscular patterns.

How much pain will I experience?
Many clients who get regular treatment or are not experiencing severe pain cannot even tell if the needle has been inserted or not.
Certainly if your muscle is tight enough to require dry needling then there is a good chance that it will feel uncomfortable however when compared to the pain that would be experienced via massage in order to achieve the same amazing results needling is a much less painful option.  Another benefit of trying needling as a treatment is that normal post pain oftenly experienced after a deep tissue massage is significantly reduced or eliminated.
Many people will experience muscle twitches when receiving needling-this is painless but may shock some people and occurs as the neural pathways carrying pain signals to the brain are interrupted and the muscle is stimulated to relax.
Should I have to book two separate appointments?
If you wanted to book in for a massage but are curious about the needling there is no need to choose, the needles only stay in for an average of 10-15 minutues and massage is performed before, during and after the application of needles so you will not miss out on hands-on time. The difference is that the muscles will have relaxed a lot more than normal as after needling there is next to nothing resembling pain, making for a much more enjoyable massage.
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