PaiOra means

"Good Health"


"Good Health is Great Wealth"

Therapies available:


Myotherapy, Healing, Reflexology,


Hotstone, Cupping, Pregnancy,


Dry needling, Relaxation



Healing treatments involve the subtle energies of your body being transformed to find synergy and balance with oneself again.  Communication with friends and loved ones who have passed or unresolved issues with those that are living can all be part of a healing treatment as each treatment will be different from the next.  
But be rest assured when issues do arise that are sensitive in nature, it is confidential between you and your practitioner and will not be discussed with other family members or 3rd party.
Crystal work, cards, smoke cleansing, scrying, psychometry, and palmistry are all tools that may also be used in a session to clarify a query. 
A general session is 1 hour in length and starts with reiki (founded by Dr. Usui) and moves naturally, with very little to no contact from the practitioner. 
If you have never had a treatment before you can ask for a shorter or longer time regardless of your reasoning, just communicate your queries and it will be happily accommodated.
Business hours:
Mon - Fri : 11am - 8.30pm
Sat: 10.30am - 4pm
174 Peel Street, 
North Melbourne
Contact details:
Phone: 0450 083 805
Private health cover available
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