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"Good Health is Great Wealth"

Therapies available:


Myotherapy, Reiki, Reflexology,


Hotstone, Cupping, Pregnancy,


Dry needling, Relaxation



S#1: Lower Anterior & Posterior Leg stretch


(Gastrocnemius, Soleus)


(Peronous longus/brevis, Extensor Digitorum, Tibialis Anterior, Extensor hallucis longus)


- Preparation:

  • Adequate shoes & comfortable clothing.

  • Door way & Mat on the Floor

  • Water & Towel


- Goals:

  • Adding length to the Calves and Shins to allow for flexibility and freedom of movement without strain or pain.


- Form & Placement: 

  • Try to keep your foot as flat as you can to maximise the stretch into the calf.

  • Keep your body relaxed as you move around the stretch.

  • Don't overdo stretches by holding stretches too long, 40 seconds-1min.  Listen to your body.

  • Remember everybody is a little different so experiment with the angle and direction of the stretch involved.

- Breathing:

  • Maintaining a slow/calm 'Breath' is Important while stretching, as this allows oxygen to enter your muscles via blood cells.  Don’t hold your breath as this can diminish the muscles development.

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