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S#4 Glutes & Hip Extensors


(Gluteus medius/minimus/maximus)

Hip Extensors

(Piriformis, Gemellus superior/inferior, Obturator internus/externus, Quadratus femoris)


- Preparation:

  • Adequate shoes & comfortable clothing.

  • Bed or comfortable raised surface to relax on.

  • Water & Towel

- Goals:

  • Adding length to the Glutes and Hip extensors to allow for flexibility and freedom of movement without strain, pain or tearing of the tendons or ligaments supporting the hip and thigh.

- Form & Placement: 

  • Seated on bed with 1 leg bent & other hanging.

  • Lay upon leg with torso

  • Added variant: 315’deg-90’deg to apply thorough stretch.

  • Added variant: Only if you are flexible extend the foot (caution to knee)

  • Keep your body relaxed as you move around the stretch.

  • Don't overdo stretches by holding stretches too long, 40 seconds-1min.  Listen to your body.

  • Remember everybody is a little different so experiment with the angle and direction of the stretch involved.

- Breathing:

  • Maintaining a slow/calm 'Breath' is Important while stretching, as this allows oxygen to enter your muscles via blood cells.  Don’t hold your breath as this can diminish the muscles development.


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