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Myotherapy, Reiki, Reflexology,


Hotstone, Cupping, Pregnancy,


Dry needling, Relaxation


S#7 Neck & Throat

Anterior Neck



Posterior Throat

Quadratus Lumborum, Erector Spinae group, Latissimus Dorsi)

- Preparation:

  • Adequate shoes & comfortable clothing.

  • A seat with no arm rests & A door way & Floor.

  • Water & Towel

- Goals:

  • Adding length to the abs & trunk at the anterior and posterior of your Lower Torso.

- Form & Placement: 

  • Seated on chair place one hand at opposite knee and other hand on the seat of chair, this should provide a small stretch of your lower torso in rotation.  Pull gently to increase the stretch.

  • While in this seated stretch think 'North, South, East, West', lean upper torso in these directions to give a varied stretch of the lower torso.


  • While in a cobra pose on the floor, twist it slightly to the right or left to increase the range of the stretch involved at the Abs and transverse/Internal/External Obliques.


  • Standing at a doorway, keep your knees bent and at a safe distance (Just in case you were to slip and let go of the door, you wouldn't fall over.)  hold the door frame and lean back and look under the arm.


- Breathing:

  • Maintaining a slow/calm 'Breath' is Important while stretching, as this allows oxygen to enter your muscles via blood cells.  Don’t hold your breath as this can diminish the muscles development.



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