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3 Techniques to get you on track

July 1, 2015

So cups are on the agenda, and not the butter, coffee, bra kind.
You may at least know they're the thingys that leave you marked for days with massive purple welts!
Yeah well, kinda... Here's the details.



Okay here's the 3 techniques:
Massage, stretch & Strengthen.

Massaging and cupping your muscles will oxygenate, invigorate, stimulate neurological functions & circulate fluids through the body faster.

Stretching the muscles after a massage can release tension, ease aches and lengthen muscle fibres for better movement. Generally speaking if tension is present without massage to complement, stretching can exacerbate pains leaving a lingering ache for days.

Then strengthening the body with varied degrees of exercise along side massage, can increase the control and relative feedback you receive from your body. Without the massage component, general movement can become sluggish, heavy or even non existent.

So all and all, facilitation to pre or post activities during winter can be difficult by obvious lack of motivation. Though adding massage to recharge your body sounds like the pick me up we all need.
Remember remedial/Myofascial massage isn't a luxury its a means to feeling better longer!


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