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Trigger Happy

March 7, 2016



Okay not the, 
"Click, click, bang" kind of trigger happy...
I mean the, 
"Ouch, tightening, treatment" kind of 'trigger happy!'


 Ever experienced a chronic ache that results in restriction or diminished mobility, ranging in sharp to deep achy pains?


If so, you should consider getting this treated with Myofascial Dry Needling or Trigger Point work. 

You're probably asking: "How do trigger points happen & why would I use dry needling to fix this?"

Well in layman's terms: Trigger points can develop in muscle fibres & tendons after strenuous activity. And if muscles haven't been stretched after 'irregular' fitness training, gardening, heavy lifting & possibly a job which involves RSI etc,


Myofascial dry needling can get straight to the point! (Pun intended)


So here's a final note:

Don't let this worsen even if it: (feels like it's there one day & gone the next) It WILL get worse! 


So Get Trigger Happy and get rid of these twisted fibres which don't allow elongation of the limbs and mobility of the joints and are sure to tear the muscle fibres for sure.


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